David Bryant
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This web site was made in  honor of SGT David Eugene Bryant and others like him that paid the ultimate price for freedom. You will always be remembered.  

David was born in Byron, Georgia on Nov 15, 1948 and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia. He died at the age of 21 on Oct. 19,1970. David was the son of WWII Veteran Homer Reese Bryant and Rebecca Watson Bryant Brookins. He has a brother named Homer Bryant Jr also from Warner Robins, GA.

David joined the U. S. Army September 10, 1968 and his tour of duty began on April 02, 1969 in Vietnam with Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 17th Artillery Regiment where he was called Bry by his friends. It ended Oct. 19,1970 with C Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) where he was known as Dave.

David was killed in Long Khanh, South Vietnam from a head wound when the helicopter he was in received enemy ground fire while searching for a good friend of his named Rae Arvid Bailey who’s helicopter got shot down the day before in the same area. A long with Rae Bailey was pilot William(Bill)Cahill and SP6 Douglas Frank Strait when they took ground fire and crashed into thick jungle. David only had days before coming home when he was killed.

David was buried at 3:00pm on Oct. 27, 1970 in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Due to the recent thefts of bronze marker from veterans’ graves, I am no long disclosing the exact location of Davids grave site. If you are interested in visiting David’s grave or just interested in know where his body is at rest, contact me Don Sullivan at sullivan31093@yahoo.com



Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

John 15:13




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David was a hero many times and earned the following metals:

Distinguished Flying Cross

Bronze Star Medal 

Air Medal with 10 Oak Leaf Clusters

 (Second Through Eleventh Award,

Eleventh Award for Heroism)

Army Commendation Medal 

Purple Heart 

National Defense Service Medal

Vietnam Service Medal

Vietnam Campaign Medal

Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar



 Dear Don,
I just returned home from a business trip tonight but have been thinking about it being Dave's Birthday all week long. So I wanted to send in Another candle so Dave's family and friends know he is always in our memory.
Dan Reeves
Relationship with David: Army Brother

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David's Place on The Vitual Wall

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David's Aunt Clara



It's a very unique club -
I see it everywhere -
I see man embracing man -
A tear that says, "I care!".
There's a special look in eyes
That words cannot explain -
I see joy for this life -
Sometimes the living pain.
There's a camaraderie
That's very rare these days -
They let it show without shame
In so many different ways.
I wasn't there, (thank the Lord.)
So I can't really know -
I can only sense and feel
Those things which I see show.
The patience, understanding -
Which only they can feel -
There is something very special
And something very real.
by Del Jones 



David's Friend That He Was Looking For

Rae Arvid Bailey


David Eugene Bryant name is located

on The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington on Panel 06W - - Line 8


 David You Will Never Forgotten





Tributes and Condolences
To my friend David (Bry), and those who love him   / Doug Runice (Vet buddy )
I am honored to be the first to offer a tribute to Bry.  

You were my friend and fellow cannoneer with the 5th section, B Battery 2/17 Artillery, LZ Schueller, First Field Forces Vietnam, (IFFV).
I learned of you...  Continue >>
Email from a high school class mate of Davids   / Glenn Bonner (Class Mate )
Dear Don, My brother Harry Bonner knew David well. As I understand they were in homeroom together every morning at Warner Robins High School in 1967-1968. I also knew David in high school although I was a couple of years behind him and Harry. A...  Continue >>
Thanks  / Homer Bryant (Brother)
First I want to thank Don for all he has done. I never knew where to start. Thank you for finding out things I did not know. Thank you for all the hours you have put into finding out all you could and for making this web site in memory of David.
Continue >>
I remember that day.   / LARRY DONALDSON (PLATOON SERGEANT )
I had attended the breifing a T.O.C. about Bailey and later that morning assigned the crews to their birds. I tried to schedule Dave the least or give him milk runs because he was short and we all knew it. I scheduled Dave NOT to fly that day. I was ...  Continue >>
Never forgotten   / Dan Reeves (Friend)
I just arrived home from a business trip to Germany less than half hour ago and wanted to share an experience. I had the pleasure to sit next to a soldier returning from Iraq. He was returning to have surgery on his hand. He was r...  Continue >>
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Senior at Warner Robins High School
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