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To my friend David (Bry), and those who love him  / Doug Runice (Vet buddy )
I am honored to be the first to offer a tribute to Bry.  

You were my friend and fellow cannoneer with the 5th section, B Battery 2/17 Artillery, LZ Schueller, First Field Forces Vietnam, (IFFV).
I learned of your death 17 years after returning from Vietnam.  It hit me hard and since that time, I have been on a quest to find out what had happened to you.  All of my questions have now been answered, partly due to my contact with your "little brother" Don.  
I never knew anyone there who had a cross word to say about you.  You were not only my friend, but a friend to so many others.  I was very lucky to have met you  and I wept when I heard you had died many times over.  My only regret is that I didn't try to keep in contact with all of you guys.  Then, I would have known.  I am working to correct that now.  Sergeant Fetsick and I are in contact and I'm hoping I can see him again.  You are a true hero David, both in life and on the battlefield.  Thank you for your sacrifice for our country.  I will miss you always
You wouldn't believe all of the things Don is doing to keep your memory alive David.  Don misses you terribly and the things he has told me about you only serve to confirm what a fine young man you were.  God bless you Bry.  God bless you Don and thanks for this wonderful website.  Doug Runice, Wisconsin
Email from a high school class mate of Davids  / Glenn Bonner (Class Mate )
Dear Don, My brother Harry Bonner knew David well. As I understand they were in homeroom together every morning at Warner Robins High School in 1967-1968. I also knew David in high school although I was a couple of years behind him and Harry. After reading the stories on the website about his bravery and dedication to his friends I knew instantly this was the David Bryant that Harry and I went to high school with. I remember him as an unassuming funny guy that was like a big brother to us younger kids. Harry asked me to scan in his senior photo from the yearbook for you. -Glenn Bonner--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Harry Bonner wrote) Of all the young men and women of Warner Robins High School , and regardless of their merits and achievements, David has to be Warner Robins High Schools greatest son.-------------------------------- (Thank you Glenn and Harry) The photo can be found in the photo section.
Thanks / Homer Bryant (Brother)
First I want to thank Don for all he has done. I never knew where to start. Thank you for finding out things I did not know. Thank you for all the hours you have put into finding out all you could and for making this web site in memory of David.

My brother died doing what he wanted to do. He told me he wanted to be there so that hopefully he was taking the place of someone who had kids. That way the kids would not lose a father. In doing so I lost my only Brother. I am so proud that he is my brother. I tried to talk him out of going but he would say someone needs to do this. 
When they brought his body back home I stayed with him the whole night  and I have never cried so many tears. A part of me felt as if it went with him. I now have a son that I named David after him and he is grown but when I look at him I can see David because he looks just like him. I would have hoped he was as good of a person as my brother David.
I had attended the breifing a T.O.C. about Bailey and later that morning assigned the crews to their birds. I tried to schedule Dave the least or give him milk runs because he was short and we all knew it. I scheduled Dave NOT to fly that day. I was returning from the flight line when I saw Dave in flight gear and asked him where he was going and he said about Bailey being shot down and that he was going out to help find him flying right seat on a loach (LOH). I told Dave that I had been out there the day before and that we had taken fire and that later at Firebase Garry Owen we took sniper fire while we were on the ground shut down. I also told him that the brass thought that there was something big out there and that C-Troop was stirring up a hornets nest and that the gooks were gunning for us.  I then asked Dave to return to the hooch and to forget it because he was so short. He told me no and that he was going. I then ordered him not to and to return to the hooch. He looked at me with those eyes of his and I never forgot what he said.  "Sarge, I'm going. He is my friend and I'm not going to let him down. I know that if it was me out there that you and the rest of the guys would be out there right now looking for me. Wouldn't you"? I could only nod. I told him that more dead men wouldn't change a thing and that I had a bad feeling about this. He said, "Yeah, I know. Thanks Sarge. I'm going". With that he walked over to the "Scout" flight line and got into the LOH. I watched them take off and fly out to the A.O. It seem like in no time at all I was returning from the hanger after checking in on maintenance when another trooper from Blue platoon ran up to me and said, " Did you hear about Bryant"? I asked him what the hell he was talking about  and that  Dave and I had just talked not more than 45 minutes to an hour ago. He said, "He's dead! 'took a .30 cal. through the head!" I grabbed him and yelled, " What the f--- did you just say"?, and he repeated it. I never forgot how I felt then or forever after. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Truely, he was a hero and my friend and I'll never forget him. It took me a long time to look at this site because I've never forgiven myself for not stopping him. I'm sorry Dave. I wish you were here. See you in Fiddler's Green.
Never forgotten  / Dan Reeves (Friend)

I just arrived home from a business trip to Germany less than half hour ago and wanted to share an experience. I had the pleasure to sit next to a soldier returning from Iraq. He was returning to have surgery on his hand. He was returning a few weeks before the others from his National Guard unit out of NH could return. He expressed his concerns of leaving them behind not being there and hoping all of them would be alright. During the long flight he continued to tell me how close his unit had been while in Iraq. I assured him I understood what he was talking about. I suggested for him to drop them a note in a couple of days to make plans  to get together as soon as they returned. Then to stay in contact with them. I explained they all have a common bond that will remain for his entire life.

He asked if I had been in the service? I told him yes, that was why I had wanted him to stay in contact with them. I told him about not finding out about Dave until 36 years after his death but never did I forget about him during those years. 

It brought back many memories while listening to him talk about Iraq and his squad. He asked if I was ok, I explained sometimes when I fly for long distances my eyes water alot!!

I am sharing this story to remind people there are still many men and women serving our country trying to give all of us the quality of life we take for granted - Don't forget them they are serving all of us, not only for a few years of their lives but forever.

In memory of Dave Bryant and Section 5 - B Battery,
Dan Reeves

~Remembered at Christmas Time & Always~  / Garnet Jenkins (Sister to Sgt. David Dickinson )
                "THE MOON GIVES YOU LIGHT... 
                MY HEART GIVES YOU LOVE"... 
                     ~ Walt Whitman ~
Beautiful Tribute  / Peggy Bryant Ogletree (niece)
This is beautiful. My children and I sat around the computer this morning watching the "Angel" video and crying. Thank you, Don. And a BIG "thank you" to our veterans and soldiers. 
Remembering a True Hero on Memorial Day 2007  / Garnet Jenkins (Sister of Sgt. David Dickinson/KIA Vietnam 1967 )

~ Theodore O'Hara ~

Heros / Betty BRYANT (Homers wife )
Don this means the world to Homer, Thank You so much.
My dad also fought in that war. I thank God he was not killed because I love him so much. 
I was reading everything here on this web site and it brought me to tears. I only wish I could have met David but I was not even born yet. But Homer tells me storys about David all the time. I put Davids 11x14 army picture on the wall beside our bed when we moved in our home so that he is the last person we see when we go to bed and the first when we get up to remind us the price for freedom and so that David will always be remembered everyday. 
Every year I send my dad a thank you card for fighting for our freedom. Here I can now say THANK YOU to all who read this that have fought in war. Thanks to Don, I can do that. May God Bless all who died and all who are living.
      Betty Bryant (Homer Bryants wife)
Hero / Gary Pope (Friend from C 1/9, 1st Cav )
Dave,  your cousin, Don, has done a wonderful job with this web site in your memory.

You are a true hero.  Three other Scouts including your good friend Rae, were killed the day before you.  You was not scheduled to fly this mission but did so with the hope of helping Rae.  And in this you died trying to help him.  

Almost 36 years later now and we still think of you often.  The word hero is used a lot now-a-days, but it is over used.  I hope young people that might read this recognize that true heros are the soldiers like you. 

Rest in peace, Gary Pope, SSg, C Troop, 1/9th Scouts, 1st Air Cav Division.
** / Bree Stewart (stranger)  Read >>
** / Bree Stewart (stranger)
~Thinking of David~  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson   Read >>
~Thinking of David~  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson

Condolences from the Family of William J Cahill  / Andrea Cahill (William Cahill KIA )  Read >>
Condolences from the Family of William J Cahill  / Andrea Cahill (William Cahill KIA )
I want to Thank David for his service to our country and his dedication to his fellow service members. David was out on recovery searching for my husbands Uncle. William J Cahill (Pilot) who was KIA on 10/18/1970. He will not be Forgotten. Close
~ A Christmas Remembrance ~  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson   Read >>
~ A Christmas Remembrance ~  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson


David and his loved ones are in my thoughts
and my prayers this holiday season.
Please have a Blessed Christmas and a New Year
filled with hope and happiness


Special Remembrance for David today  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson   Read >>
Special Remembrance for David today  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson



REMEMBERING ON VETERAN'S DAY & ALWAYS....  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt. David Dickinson   Read >>
REMEMBERING ON VETERAN'S DAY & ALWAYS....  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt. David Dickinson

                   NEVER MY SOUL, STILL THE SONG....
                OF HIM WHO GAVE HIS LIVE, FOR ME...
                      THAT I MIGHT LIVE, IN LIBERTY.

Your Service & Sacrifice Are Never Forgotten  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt. David Dickinson   Read >>
Your Service & Sacrifice Are Never Forgotten  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt. David Dickinson

                         NEVER MY SOUL, STILL THE SONG..... 
                         OF WOUNDED HEARTS, THEIR LOVED ONE GONE.....
                         OF HIM WHO GAVE HIS LIFE, FOR ME.....
                         THAT I MIGHT LIVE, IN LIBERTY.


i was a aeroscout ,too.  / Jim Sheetz (c troop/16 outcast )  Read >>
i was a aeroscout ,too.  / Jim Sheetz (c troop/16 outcast )
to all that care,this a beautiful site.we did our jobs,some made it,some did not.we did our best.the job as an aeroscout was very perilous.lucky any of us lived.i was shot down 5 times.  jim sheetz Close
~In Remembrance on this 37th Anniversary of your Sacrifice~  / Garnet Jenkins (Sister to Sgt. David Dickinson )  Read >>
~In Remembrance on this 37th Anniversary of your Sacrifice~  / Garnet Jenkins (Sister to Sgt. David Dickinson )

The young dead soldiers do not speak. 
Nevertheless, they are heard in the still houses: 
who has not heard them? 
They have a silence that speaks for them at night 
and when the clock counts. 
They say: We were young. We have died. 
Remember us. 
They say: We have done what we could 
but until it is finished it is not done. 
They say: We have given our lives but until it is 
finished no one can know what our lives gave. 
They say: Our deaths are not ours: they are yours, 
they will mean what you make them. 
They say: Whether our lives and our deaths were for 
peace and a new hope or for nothing we cannot say, 
it is you who must say this. 
We leave you our deaths. Give them their meaning. 
We were young, they say... 
We have died;
remember us. 

by Archibald MacLeish, 
1892-1982, American Poet 

Memory of David  / Agnes Farr (Through the Church )  Read >>
Memory of David  / Agnes Farr (Through the Church )
I remember David quiet well. I remember the sadness of his loss. My husband, Theo Farr, who has since passed away, and I attended the funeral. ISeveral years ago I was brought to think about David as I stood by my brother's grave at Andersonville and he was given a full military funeral. Of course my brother had
lived his life, 30 years in the Special Armed Forces and another 20 years along the border in Texas. I guess that there are just some things in life that we never forget. A military funeral is one I don't forget. God Bless each of you and thanks to David for giving the ultimate sacrafice. Agnes Farr Close
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